Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Jadwal Kereta Api Kita

Jadwal Kereta Api di Indonesia - I was one of the commuter Bandung - Jakarta, which is domiciled in Bandung. The existence of fast travel via Toll Cipularang I do not have time to make use of rail service because the travel time by train is not significant compared to the travel.

Jadwal Kereta Api - But, along with the improvement of PT Kereta Api (Persero) Bandung, Jakarta, on a train service on the train, especially when I need a travel service that offers comfort, I am back to using the Jakarta Bandung train commute.

Argo Parahyangan existence as a substitute for Parahyangan and Argo Gede train makes me more confident of a good faith PT Kereta Api (Persero) to improve its services. Thus, the train had left consumers become increasingly competitive.

However, I will submit a complaint about the services of PT Kereta Api on Monday, June 7th, 2010 ago. When I boarded the Argo Rail Parahyangan with scheduled departure at 4:00. It turns out late until 04:15 trains. In addition, it turns out the train stopped at stations Cimahi, by reason of BLB (Stop
Extraordinary) such that I asked the conductor said.

Of the two things I was very disappointed. Because, first, my house was in Kotabaru Parahyangan located closer than Station Cimahi than Bandung station. To travel that should be delayed until 04:00 hours 15 minutes was extraordinary. Given there are no trains passing in the line at that hour. Almost impossible to be late because he was waiting for the train to come (slender).

Second, I had to come to Bandung station because counter worker always said that for 0400 travel only depart from Bandung. Not stopping at
Cimahi station. I am a from Padalarang had to go to Bandung during this
but why the train was able BLB 4 o'clock in Cimahi? Does the train go up and ask for BLB in Cimahi is the 'official' state?

By law every citizen has the same rights and obligations. But, I ask why every train to stop at Cimahi, can not be done for departure Monday, 4 o'clock in the morning except on June 7, 2010 then? Timeliness and suitability of schedule is fundamental to become more value compared to rail and other transportation modes.

I am waiting for the commitment of PT Kereta Api (Persero) for the statement which was broadcast in the media that the PT Kereta Api (Persero) has improved rail service. Bandung, Jakarta, which has especially great potential. All and thank you.

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  1. sy tanya jadwal kereta api ada 20rang yang ke jogjakarta